Online Workshop Series

This article is your go-to source for all workshops related to Student Organizations.

There are many workshops listed below. They have been broken into categories for Treasurers, Organization Officers, and Organization Advisors. While they are broken into easy to find categories based on their intended audience, the information contained within may be beneficial for everyone who watches them regardless of their role within an organization.


Treasurer’s Workshop (mandatory to obtain SOFA funding):

The annual Treasurer's Workshop is now fully hosted online.

The Workshop is now in two parts. The first part covers general treasurer information, while the second part contains specific information about requesting funding from SOFA. To be eligible to request funding, you must complete BOTH parts. Make sure you have sound on your computer, as the presentation is presented verbally in addition to the slides.

In order to verify your attendance, you will need to complete a follow-up quiz, linked below. This is how Treasurer's Workshop attendance will be tracked.

If you have questions, please contact the Student Involvement and Leadership Office at 701-777-4200 or

Treasurer's Workshop Part I:

Treasurer's Workshop Part II:

Verification Quiz:


Student Organization Officers:

Effective Officer Transition Workshop (November 2012):

Are you transitioning new officers into your organization? Check out this workshop for helpful things to consider as you transition! Make sure you have the volume turned up so that you can hear the sound with the slides.

Icebreakers and Team-builders Workshop (November 2012):

Looking for some fun activities to do with your group? Check out these slides for new ideas! Make sure the volume on your computer is turned on, as there is sound with the workshop.

Publicity and Marketing Workshop (November 2012):

Are you looking for ideas on how to market your organization or event on campus? Check out this online workshop for details! Make sure the volume on your computer is turned on, as there is sound with the workshop.

More Effective Meetings Workshop (November 2012):

Is your student organization having ineffective meetings? The Student Involvement and Leadership Office is presenting an online workshop on how to make your meetings more effective. Check out the workshop if you need tips on creating an agenda or running a more effective meeting.

New Student Organization Officer Information (November 2012):

Are you a new officer for your student organzation? This workshop shares some of the basics of understanding your new role and the rights and responsibilities of student organizations on the UND campus.

Planning a Successful Event (February 2013):

Is your student organization having issues planning an event? Check out this workshop if you need tips on pre-planning, publicizing, or making your event happen.


Student Organization Advisors:

Advisor’s Workshop – The Basics (December 2012):

Wondering what advising a student org is all about? Watch this workshop for important info as well as to get filled in on the basics!

Advisor’s Workshop – Motivation (December 2012):

Getting a group motivated can be a difficult task. This workshop focuses on some of the major elements involved in group motivation and will hopefully guide you in creating a more motivated and successful organization.

Posted by Matt Johnson on January 10, 2013